Fully-serviced e-waste recycle-enabling technology – focused on sustainability by connecting e-waste end users!

Online Platform

An online platform for buying, selling e-waste recyclable items eRothe connects individual and bulk e-waste generators as well as e-waste aggregators, recyclers and enables transactions between them bringing transparency, traceability to the ecosystem.


South Africa has developed a rapid demand for FMCG Fast Moving Consumer Goods products. – Along with this comes the wastes that are generated by packaging material and obsolete goods. Check out the solution based products and services we offer.

EPR Management Solution

Plan, Manage, Track firms Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) fulfilment process using eRothe EPR Platform.

Waste Trading Platform

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E-waste Collection Technology

Innovative e-waste Collection driven by technology.

Information Integration

Information sector integration and solutions

Raising Awareness

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Job Creation & Enterprise Development

Job creation and enterprise development

Product Redesign

Products redesigned to be recyclable and less toxic

Energy Savings

Modern and innovative energy saving solution.

Cost Reduction

Reduces the cost of manufacturing of new products as a waste product can be reused in the manufacturing process.

Industrialisation, Manufacturing & Beneficiation

Industrialisation, manufacturing and beneficiation.