About Us

eRothe is an end-to-end cloud-based solution. It is a fully-serviced e-waste recycle-enabling technology that focuses on sustainability by connecting e-waste generators, aggregators, processors and recyclers; enabling transactions between them by bringing and assuring a 100% transparency and traceability to the e-waste ecosystem and supply chain.

An Innovative Solution to solving South Africa’s E-Waste

An online platform for buying, selling e-waste recyclable items eRothe connects individual and bulk e-waste generators as well as e-waste aggregators, recyclers and enables transactions between them bringing transparency, traceability to the ecosystem.

Innovation for the

21st Century

eRothe is a mobile APP developed in partnership with LALI ROTHE Refinaries SA and environmental sustainability. Users take a photo on the APP, and recycling services respond with a bid for their approximate scrap value.

The eRothe APP is the first product from Lali Rothe, which serves as an engine to identify valuable data, formulate and implement new methods and frameworks for using big data to support and address development goals such as poverty, economic growth, reduced inequalities and partnership.

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