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We are now disrupting the R25,2 billion waste management industry with our digital technology platform and cloud based solutions, called eRothe. The eRothe digital solution will connect e-waste generators such as consumers, businesses, waste aggregators and recyclers by enabling transactions between them to be undertaken with transparency and traceability. We will help FMCG importers, exporters, manufacturers and electronic brands run their consumer awareness, takeback programs and comply with the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) rules.



A big problem for South Africa

South Africa’ waste management industry is dominated by the informal sector where transactions happen offline, transactions are unrecognised and lack a formalised ecosystem. The stakeholders work in their own silos with lack of information and communication. In our populous country, geography has led to a ‘digital divide’. This has resulted in the lack of information on material availability, lower recycling capacities and vast amount of e-waste material reaching landfills. The need of the hour is innovative, reliable, and scalable technologies that bridge the ‘digital divide’ to close material loops and pave way for a circular economy and that’s where the eRothe solution comes in!

Key Features

  • Complete online transactions that are 100% transparent and traceable.
  • Digital payments: Make payments online.
  • Upload / download invoices digitally
  • Order tracking: View order, delivery, payment status in real time
  • Hassle Free Logistics: Complete online transactions that are 100% transparent and traceable
  • Reliable Customer support: Dedicated account managers to support transactions.
  • Online Documentation: Upload / Download weighbridge bill, delivery challans and other transaction documents

Market & Sectors Focus


Raising awareness, enabling actions (Consumers are the primary source of e-waste generation. However, lack of awareness, lack of access to responsible disposal channels result in leakage of wastes into the environment. Good practices like segregation define the fate of materials reaching to recyclers or ending up in landfills or oceans. Our solutions aim to raise awareness and incentivize eco-friendly habits of citizens).


  • The eRothe Mobile APP is a convenient, rewarding way to dispose and recycle electronic waste.

Waste aggregator (Aggregators facilitate infra required for material segregation, transportation and play a key role in preventing recyclables going to landfills. However, building a sustainable, scalable business is a key challenge. Our offerings help them carry out demand, supply transactions seamlessly while unlocking better material value and save costs)


  • The eRothe APP is a cloud based platform that can be utilised by aggregators to manage their collection with more visibility and efficiency

Governments Efficient Operations, Data driven decisions (Government and Municipal bodies are instrumental in policy making, managing and monitor functioning of waste operations in cities. However, the lack of digitization, consumer awareness and frugal budgets make it a daunting task.


  • We are working with Government and Cities to bring transparency and traceability across the e-waste value chain).

Transparency, traceability in waste streams (Bulk Generators represent 30% of the total waste generation in many countries. However, waste collectors usually have to deal with multiple vendors and rely on offline transactions to manage the wastes. Our solutions enable both individuals and organizations to adopt sustainable practices with end to end digital waste management and reporting solutions that provide complete transparency, traceability)


Informal sector solutions (Transforming livelihoods with Digital Inclusion and Financial Inclusion) – The informal sector is responsible for approximately 95% of overall recycling volumes in many countries and yet they are underpaid and undervalued by society and exploited by the people up the value chain.


  • The eRothe APP helps e-waste pickers connect with aggregators, collection canters and enables them to carry out transactions with better value

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) Growing consumerism has created rapid demand for FMCG products. – Along with this comes the wastes that are generated by packaging material and obsolete goods. It is not just the responsibility of brands to reduce environmental impact but also the consumers. However, the lack of consumer awareness and poor reverse logistics make it a challenging task for brands to execute their EPR targets).


  • The eRothe EPR Platform is a technology driven Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) fulfilment for Electronics and FMCG brands.
  • Through the platform, organisations can Plan, Manage and Track their EPR fulfilment process.

Recyclers Reliable Supply and Improved Productivity (Recyclers and Co-processing units help complete the material loops by converting recyclables to new materials or energy sources.


  • Our marketplace solution helps recyclers establish reliable and responsive supply sources.
  • Enable transactions by bridging demand-supply gaps.

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